JamParty Remixed

Control the music! Video gaming meets music creation with JamParty, the new way to experience music. No more follow-the-leader or just being a passive listener; you can now control the music. JamParty is a first-of-its kind sandbox of sound where the player has total control of real music in a gaming environment.

Activate guitar riffs, drum beats, vocals, and more. Hit it all on beat to earn more points for achievements and to unlock new content. You can even save and export your own creations as MP3s.

Lose yourself in Jam Mode or get serious in Studio Mode. JamParty gives you control of the entire band using the mouse, keyboard, or a compatible USB guitar controller. JamParty is a new path in the music genre for gamers and music fans alike; a journey of sight and sound like no other.

To learn more visit JamParty.com